Dan's Story

Dan McGuinness recently had a chance to share his story in a documentary. A story of his service “outside the wire”. A story of his injuries, his pain, and his suffering. A story of depression that lead him to the verge of suicide. A story he had bottled up for years.

His story is unique, but not unlike many other veterans. Dan knew his story could help others. 

Pat's Story

Pat served with Dan, and was inspired to share his story after hearing Dan’s. Pat’s story is unique to him, and equally powerful to watch. He’s another brave soldier, that ended up fighting a battle at home he didn’t see coming at all.

Lisa's Story

Lisa’s story is one only a mother can share. Released on Mother’s Day 2017, Lisa tells the story of her son, Dillion Naslund, and how he served and struggled. His struggle with PTSD eventually lead to him “completing” suicide (Lisa doesn’t use the term committed). However, Lisa and her family have chosen to share his story so he continues to serve, in hopes of helping just one other veteran or family.

Bill's Story

Bill’s story is one that reminds us all that you never realize how much one person can change your life. In his story he has a few life changers, but no more powerful than the love of his life, Sarita. Released on Valentine’s Day 2018, Bill shares the trials of returning to civilian life and hitting the lowest of lows, yet still finding a light to keep going.